Given the potential adverse effect on an individual’s fundamental right to privacy, it is reasonable for a library, as a Limited Public Forum, to regulate the use of cameras and other recording devices in a manner that preserves an individual’s right to library services free from harassment, intimidation, or threats to their safety, well-being, and privacy.

The Way Public Library offers free limited Notary Public services for the benefit of the community.

The Way Public Library strives to maintain a safe environment for its patrons/staff; the library is obligated to protect taxpayer-funded property. Therefore, selected areas of the premises are equipped with video cameras that are recording at all times.

The purpose of this policy is to establish rules for the use of security cameras, as well as access to live and recorded images. The library’s system shall only be used for the protection and safety of customers, employees, assets, property, and to identify persons breaking the law or violating library policy, including the Library’s Rules of Conduct.

The Way Public Library’s 3D printing service is designed for rapid prototyping, patron enjoyment and creativity. This service is not intended for production or manufacturing, and the Library reserves the right to refuse to print large numbers of identical objects.