What is "5G"? - In an age of ever evolving technology and media buzzwords, let's take a moment to break down one of the emerging trends in wireless technology - 5G. This helpful guide will explain what 5G is and help you understand how it affects you, and what it means for current and future wireless devices.


Digital Vision Board - Introduction to Canva - Ready to make a change for the upcoming new year?  Follow along with our handouts on how to use Canva.com to make a digital vision board for your 2021 goals.  Canva.com is a free to use graphic design tool with templates and more.  We created a handout on how to sign up for Canva and get started with some basic features.  Then you can follow the guide on how to use those skills to make your own digital vision board to print or save on your computer to keep your goals in view.