Looking for some fun activities to do at home? Try these videos produced when the library could not offer in-person programs. Way Public Library has a variety of programs targeted toward elementary and intermediate audiences!

STEAM Eats: Sorbet in a Bag! Let's use some fun science to make sorbet in a bag! We'll use ice, rock salt and juice to make a tasty sorbet. While we make our sorbet, we can listen to a story from the book "Frog and Toad All Year." Items for this experiment will be available at the Way Public Library from 4/19/21 until supplies last.

STEAM: Constellation Projector: Try a little stargazing at home with our latest STEAM activity! Miss Alyssa will show you how to make a simple projector using a craft tube, paper, a rubber band and a flashlight.

STEAM Activity: Coding: Learn about the women who made history by using math and coding to get the first man on the moon. We'll read the picture book: Hidden Figures. Then we'll get our own person on the moon using coding!

STEAM Create: Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils: Make your own dinosaur fossils out of salt dough in the latest STEAM kit perfect for aspiring paleontologists! Miss Alyssa will take you step by step through the project during this video.

STEAM Create: Gumdrop Bridges: Help the Gingerbread Boy get away from all the hungry creatures that want to eat him! Miss Alisha will read "The Gingerbread Boy" and then demonstrate how to make a "gumdrop bridge" to help get the Gingerbread Boy across the lake.

STEAM Challenge: Make a Fidget Toy for Crankenstein: How can we calm down Crankenstein? We'll read Crankenstein by Samantha Berger. Then we'll create a fidget toy to help our Crankenstein. Materials for the craft are available at Way Public Library from Oct 12-Nov 16, 2020.

STEAM Challenge: Takeoff: Miss Alyssa shares two airborne STEAM projects and a space story in this video for elementary children! The supplies may be available at the library for pick up from 9/14/20-10/12/20.